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"Accompanied" Solo pour la Flute traversiere BWV1013 a minor【KITM005】by J. S. Bach

Academia Music
Sample Score

For Alto Saxophone in Eb and Piano

Notes from composer

Preface  "Accompanied" unaccompanied Bach

Even in an unaccompanied solo piece, there are always underlying harmonies and one needs to be aware of this when performing.  Therefore, when I teach my students, I have provided accompaniments to Bach's unaccompanied works.  I have now decided to publish this accompanied version as I think it would be useful for music students in general.  Here I present Bach's Partita for unaccompanied flute with continuo realization which can be also be performed as concert repertoire. 
I have attempted to emulate Bach's harmonic style by imaging how he would have accompanied these works if had been asked to.  Some may object to the choice of certain harmonies, but the whole point of this publication is to increase interest in performing with a strong sense of harmony through such a process.
Furthermore, in Bach's unaccompanied works, there are often multiple voices within a single part.  So I have also provided a "duet version" which will help clarify the flow of the voices.  I hope that students will perform this with friends or with their teachers, and enjoy and learn at the same time. 

February 2017 
Ito, Yasuhide

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