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Concerto Fantastique puor Saxophone Alto et Orchestre d'Harmonie

Commissioned by Sugawwa Nobuya and Hamamatsu Kita High School Band
Premiered on 7 April 1983 by Sugwa Nobuya, Sasophone solo with Hamamatsu Kita High School Band conducted by Ito Yasuhide
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Sample Score

An opening percussion passage leads into a saxophone cadenza designed to display the soloist's technical skill. As the cadenza soars to a peak the ensemble makes a dynamic entrance. The contrast between the rhythmic music of the ensemble and the drawn-out notes of the saxophone brings the opening section to a climax.

This is followed by a quieter piu mosso section featuring woodwinds and saxophone, then the saxophone playing against the ensemble. Next there is another saxophone cadenza backed by muted trumpets and climaxed by an emphatic statement by the percussion.

After a brief return to piu mosso and contrastive sections a rhythmic section backed by the percussion begins, the saxophone playing sometimes with the ensemble and sometimes against it, and sometimes improvising.. The final section incorporates jazz elements. Following a sustained Bb chord, the concerto closes with a cadenza accompanied by percussion instruments improvising in the style of traditional Japanese music. [Subliminal Festa KOCD-0401]

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