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Concerto for Trumpet and Band (Piano Reducion)

ItoMusic/ Brain
Orchestra Fiati Val Isonzo, Stranzano - Italy
Premiered on 17 March 2018
Sample Score

For Solo Trumpet in Bb 1 and Piano

Notes from Composer

Azzurra, meaning blue in Italian, is a colour of the flag of Friuli Province
where my ‘Trumpet Concerto’ was premiered. It is also where Mr. Ottaviano
Cristofoli (Solo trumpet player of the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra) who
served as a soloist of the concerto was born.
‘Trumpet Concerto’ is a single, fifteen minute movement but it consists of
three parts. This ‘Azzurra (Blue Air) corresponds to the second part. In
‘Trumpet Concerto’, this part is played by Flugelhorn.
Ottaviano plays a trumpet beautifully, like a singer. Therefore, this melody
is in G. Verdi or G. Donizetti style. This being an homage to the great
Italian composers.
Also of interest is that the name Verdi has the meaning of ‘green’;
however this isnt' the reason that I titled this piece ‘Blue’.

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