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Concert Band

La Vita Symphony in 3 Scenes: 3rd Movement

ItoMusic / Brain
Commissioned by National Cultural Festival in Oita '98
Premiered on 18 October 1998

In the past few years, Ito has been writing vocal music, becoming aware of the beauty of the Japanese language. He thought of applying this to band music, and this piece was born. What is a Symphony? What is contemporary music? What is the difference between popular music and serious music? This work is his answer to all these questions. La Sinfonia means The Symphony. Una Poeta, quoted from his own vocal music, is "A Poet". La Vita has a different nuance from the English word "the Life". What the music expresses is, as Arthur Rimbaud says, "Ma vie etait le festin." (My life was a feast)

La Vita is a serious three movement work that features every member of the ensemble. The first movement features a traditional symphonic development of two themes, the second movement opens and closes with tasteful percussion section writing, and features warm brass and lyrical woodwind lines. The third movement features a Japanese folk-inspired theme that builds to a dramatic climax. An excellent centerpiece to a serious program Commissioned by the National Cultural Festival in Oita.





Flutes in C 1, 2 (Picc. Ryuteki.)

Clarinet in Eb
Clarinets in Bb 1, 2, 3
Bass Clarinet
Alto Saxophone 1, 2
Tenor Saxophone
Baritone Saxophone


Horns in F 1, 2, 3, 4
Trumpets in Bb 1, 2, 3 
Trombone 1, 2, 3

String Bass


Percussion I
Percussion II
Percussion III

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