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Saxophone Quartet No. 1

ItoMusic/ Brain
Harmo Saxophone Quartet
Sample Score

For Saxophone Quartet

Soprano Saxophone in Bb
Alto Saxophones in Eb
Tenor Saxophone in Bb
Baritone Saxophone in Eb

Suite includes:
1. Allegro

2. Lento

3. Allegro Scherzando

4. Senza Tempo Allegro

Notes from composer
Composed in 30 April 1988. Commissioned by the Harmo Saxophone Quartet.

This piece consists of four movements as in tradition. Yet, breaking away from tradition, as all four movements may also be interpreted as one “sonata”. At the time, it was my main focus to allow my imagination to develop the short motifs as far and wide as I could.

The 1st movement, or, the exposition when taken as a sonata, is a relatively short movement, and presents all the essential elements for the upcoming movements.

The next three movements are performed continuously with no breaks in between.

Lento, the 2nd movement, begins with the notes B-A-C-H (Bb-A-C-B in English system) on the baritone saxophone, and gradually unfolds as some kind of a “song” with this motif. Along the way, similar to “Zweisamkeit” composed in 1982 for the alto saxophone, the motif is presented in free tempo but with heightened tension.

The 3rd movement has a developing triplet-motif, followed by the 4th movement, which ends with a brief recapitulation of the 1st movement.

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