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Sonata for Oboe and Piano

Academia Music
Premiered on 19 February 2017, By Kazuhiro Miyamura, Oboe Masato Suzuki, Piano
Sample Score

For Oboe and Piano

Notes from composer:

It was in late 2014 when oboist Kazuhiro Miyamura approached me in earnest and commissioned me to compose an oboe sonata that was "tonal,without quotations, and in the lineage of Saint=saëns and Poulenc".
Traditionally, the "sonata", especially in chamber music, has always been an important genre in which a composer would demonstrate his skills.  Equally, it has been an important repertoire for instrumentalists.  However, in today's rapidly-changing world , how much demand is there for the sonata?  These days, people prefer lighter music, film or theatre-type music, or even "video game music" -style works and music accompanied by video.
Personally, I consider that Western music is an art where a given length of time is constructed purely by sounds, and this rich world cannot be discussed without the "sonata".

This single-movement oboe sonata, which lasts a little over 13 minutes, has a multi-layered structure: it is constructed in large-scale sonata form but also includes a scherzo, slow movement and a fugal rondo within the movement.  Everything derives from the opening oboe melody.  All the melodies that appear in this work are quite ordinary, but the trick is that they appear first in developed (or variation) form and only later do they appear in complete form. There is one quotation at the very end - from my own song. This means that the sonata is in fact heading towards this song.

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